200h Shakti Yoga Teacher Training. Corfu 2020

This 200h Yoga Teacher Training will take you deeper. We are embarking on a journey of asana, sequencing, pranayama, meditation, rituals, earth & moon cycles and Sacred Female Arts. A journey home to your Self. This training is guiding you on your path to find your authenticity as a yoga teacher and human being. To find the essence of what you want to share with the world. Being a yoga teacher means not only teaching studio classes, but taking on a conscious and mindful responsibility for the physical, mental and spiritual development of your community and environment. Beyond diving into the essence of a holistic yoga practice for body, mind and soul, you will embark on an exciting journey of discovery to more self, more you, more light and more shadow. Because it's not just about doing yoga, but about committing to a lifelong path of yoga. A path to love. To fear. To joy. To devotion. To resistance. To ALL of you. Go deep and dive deeper. This training will support you in understanding your life and taking responsibility for all that you create. For all that you think, dream, talk and the ways you act and show up in the world. We are here to accompany you along the way and gift you with our best and most precious inspirations so this journey will be an unforgettable one.


Shakti - female principle of creation

This training is inspired by tantric philosophy, ayurveda & Sacred Female Arts. We invite you on a conscious and magical journey to unveil wisdom that has long been forgotten on the path of the feminine. Wisdom that will transform the ways in which you perceive, live and share your womanhood.

Much of the sacred Shakti wisdom has been lost over time. Obscured and sometimes deliberately obliterated by patriarchal history, religious power plays and social stereotypes that undermine what true female power is. During the last few centuries of human history, HER-story has rarely been told. Throughout the ages, those in power have constructed shameful and deeply wounding stereotypes around female bodies, psyches and souls in order to suppress what a woman is and always will be by her very nature: Creatrix. Holy and powerful, intuitive, ever-changing, and inspiring the world with her creations.

We believe that true change for this world has to come from inside. We can not repair the visible, external world if we do not take a look at what ideas and misbeliefs we have around our own female imagery.  We cannot change the outside happenings of the world if we do not look at our own internal patterns of feeling and thinking. It is our inner world that creates our outer world. 

For us, the true work of a spiritual woman is to find freedom within so that she is able to put her full heart and soul into creating something new. She does this not just for herself, but for all generations to come. We believe that as women we have to take a look at the tears of our soul. This is how we become our own healers and learn how to bloom like a lotus flower. Honoring the roots of our subconscious fears and insecurities, we come to integrate the power of self-love with fierce grace.  

The time has come. To rise as sacred women.  Women who know themselves in all their facets. Women who honor their bodies as the temples of their souls. Women who fight for what they truly believe in. Women with values that lift others up. Women who bow in front of each others beauty, because they have touched their own beauty by looking into the mirror of their souls. Women who do not have to worship God, because they know they are his very essence. Women who lovingly kiss the soil of Mother Earth. Women who dance under the shining light of the moon and the stars!  

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Alexia (Daksha Damini) is a passionate yogini, leads international yoga retreats & transforming pilgrimages to india, campaigns for spiritual activism and social projects worldwide. Her incredibly diverse and rich knowledge of all areas of yoga makes her a uniquely inspirational yoga teacher. Her classes are intense, transforming, uplifting & deep, taking your practice to a whole new level. she loves teaching vedic wisdom, healing, Bhakti yoga, subtle anatomy and advanced asana and passes her in-depth knowledge of the fine artS of yoga with all Of her heart and soul. alexia’s broad understanding of the holistic path will open doors to a deeper understanding of life for you - not just to evolve in your practice, but to evolve as a human being.

Alexia’s message for you:

“This holistic Shakti training is not just a gift to yourself, but to the world. In addition to learning yoga classes, you will go deeper to discover and unfold your own values, dreams and powers. As a Shakti yoga teacher you bring responsibility, vision and transformation into the world and will inspire people not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.”

Nives Gobo is a certified yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner. She is passionate about teaching yoga, leads women's circles, gives Ayurveda and meditation retreats and is the author of the book Mondschön, A course in femininity, that was be published in spring 2018. Her trainings in yoga therapy, yin yoga & pregnancy yoga have taken her across many countries where she was able to learn from exceptional teachers who have shaped and enriched her own teaching style. Today her yoga classes live on a colorful fusion of invigorating, relaxing, meditative and uplifting yoga moments. Accompanied by sensual fragrances, inspiring sounds and a great deal of yoga wisdom, NIves’ yoga classes become A refueling station for body, mind and soul.

Nives’ message for you:

“This is your opportunity to have a deep encounter with yourself. Yoga as a ritual where body, mind and soul are touched. If you really want to get to know yoga in its depth, experience yourself on a conscious and mindful level and want to know what special gift you have for this world, then join us. On this sacred path.”


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What makes this Yoga Teacher Training so unique? 

  • Shakti Yoga - awaken your inner woman’s power through tantric rituals and teachings

  • Yoga with the rhythm of sun, moon and earth - discover yourself as a microcosmic human in the macrocosmic universe and learn how to immerse yourself into the infinite space of your soul through yoga as Asana practice

  • Learn Yoga Anatomy and apply it directly in your Yoga Asana practice. Learn the multidimensional movements of your body through time and space. Gain a deeper understanding of your body temple as an expression of soul. We interweave medical anatomy with the tantric understanding of the body - mind - soul connection and connect ancient wisdom with modern scientific facts.

  • Vinyasa Krama interwoven with Yogic philosophy & psychology. Learn to construct a meaningful yoga class that will lead your students into a deep experience of their body and open rooms for them to experience a silent encounter with their inner world.

  • Deepen your own yoga practice through intensive training that will not only take you physically to a new level, but also accompany you on a deep journey towards yourself.

  • Learn how to fill your yoga classes with content and topics that your students can take with them home and into their lives - living with the seasons, themes of philosophy, spiritual content for a daily life as a human being.

  • Capture yoga philosophy on a deeply practical and workable level for your life - we dive deep into the ancient texts and bring their message into your everyday life. Learn to integrate the spiritual essence of yoga into your whole being and fertilize it with its jewels.

  • Yoga and Ayurveda - learn why it is essential to incorporate these two schools of life in your classes and workshops as a yoga teacher - Focus: Ayurveda nutrition, philosophy and ritual for yoga teachers

  • Yoga Labs - Self-Study - you will learn the art and skills of Teaching Yoga during intensive Yoga Labs - the art of sequencing, using your voice, holding space as a teacher and sharing the wisdoms you gain through your own Yoga path.

  • The Business of Yoga - How to Build a successful Yoga business? In this training you will learn how to position yourself in the market and find your authentic and true voice

  • Bhakti Yoga and Mantra- Learn about Vedic wisdom and chanting. We dive deep into the subtle realms and use the power of the voice to practice the Yoga of the heart. In full devotion to the path.


Our place together


The place this 200h Shakti Yoga Teacher Training will be held is beautiful Ouranos Club on Corfu Island in Greece.
This magical Retreat centre near the Ionic sea will be our home for the duration of the training, giving you the opportunity to connect with the elements and especially the crystal clear waters.

Accommodation is based on twin-share occupancy. We also have a few single rooms on first come, first serve base available.

The food is local vegetarian/vegan greek inspired cuisine. We will have 3 delicious meals a day to power you through this training.


Special Guests



Emma/ Suzie Q. is an international Yoga & Dance Teacher, Pole Dancer, Acrobat, Author. Emma (also known by her stage name Suzie Q) is the 2017 Australian Pole Dance Champion and author of ‘The Stripper Next Door’. She is qualified in Purna, Rocket and Yin Yoga and also loves sharing the practice of Yoga Nidra. At this 200h Training she will be leading the Anatomy classes and observe the Yoga Labs. Since she comes out of a professional Dancing career her skills in practical Anatomy are immense and she will give you the bigger picture of the human body.

Sara Ticha


Sara Ticha is a full-hearted Yogini with a strong Yoga practice. She has grown from teaching small Yoga groups into becoming an Instagram influencer with more than 180000 Followers. Sara inspires with her authentic & committed way of sharing knowledge about Yoga Asana, meditation, traveling and mindful living. Her way of teaching is empowering, uplifting and truly heartfelt. We are very grateful to have her on board for this Training to share the art of advanced asana.

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Training dates: July 4-25, 2020



This Yoga Teacher Training is certified by the standards of Yoga Alliance.

Training hours
200h / min 180h Contact hours+
50h minimum self study & preparation

The training is completed by teaching exams, a presentation and a written exam.
In addition, book reports are is required before the training starts.


Early Bird until 31th January 2020: 3300€
Regular Price: 3500€

A deposit of €500 is required upon registration to reserve your spot.
For payment plans, please contact us directly and submit your request in the application.

The training fee includes your 22 day training, manual, handouts, mentorship and guidance before, during and after the training.

Accommodation & meals package:

€ 1550 in a twin-shared room

€ 2100 in a single room 




Enter the temple.
Woman you are sacred.