Grounding into womanhood

The element of Earth gives us this body - our temple for the soul in this lifetime. By coming back to the Earth we come back to the power of our inner wild woman. By entering all that Earth has to offer, we can find stability, roots and grounding in our everyday lives as women. It is the Earth that gives us the fertile ground from where to grow into stability. We cannot reach high without growing roots deep down below. A spiritual woman is one that connects to the great Spirit of Mother Gaia so she can rise into her own soul expression. In this training we will explore all the teachings the element Earth has to give us in it's own unique language. 

Earth Mysteries in the woods of Carinthia

We will explore the healing arts of Mother Nature in the green and magic woods of Carinthia - Austria. Surrounded by the healing green of trees and the grounding force of the Earth we can enter into the teachings that great Mother Gaia has to offer. We will reconnect - to her and her very essence. Because it is her that we have to touch, so we can be touched as women in our very essence. Carinthia is an old part of Mother Earth - here celtic tribes have gathered, honored and held rituals to connect to the Earth. The ancient teachings of Yoga will ground us in Asana, Tantra, Meditation, Bandha and Mudra - stable, steady, nice and easy, full of sensual enjoyment and shamanic power - so we can ground deep and rise up high. 


The earth has music for those who listen.
— George Santayana



What we will explore

  • Mystic Earth Yoga Flows and Yin Yoga Sequences to connect to the great mother Gaia

  • Element Earth in our lives as women - Symbolism, Ritual, Body, Mind, Soul

  • Tao Tantra- Sacred Feminine Arts & Practices for your personal Sadhana connected to the Earth element

  • Sacred Dance - Temple Dance & Goddess activation

  • Yoni Egg Initation & Womb Blessing - Reconnect deeply with your womb and the womb of the earth

  • Shamanic Earth rituals - how to burn incense, do sacred prayers and deeply connect to mother Gaia, her plants, crystals and offerings that she is giving us

  • Plant medicine for women and how too work with healing herbs in your everyday life

  • Muladhara Chakra - it is here, where all of your subconscious patterns are hidden. We will reconnect to this place, so you can rise, find stability and surrender deeply into life

  • Shadow work in Muladhara Chakra - you have to integrate all that is blocking the free flow of you feeling safe and stable in life, so you can embrace your full potential

  • Living with the rhythms of the earth - we will explore your everyday life as a woman during spring, summer, autumn and winter

  • Celtic wisdom on the eight year circle feasts

  • Ayurvedic wisdom on nourishment and diet in your everyday life as a woman


What you will learn

  • You will learn how to bring themes around the element of Earth into your daily life, community and your Yoga classes

  • How to hold space for people to support healing on the physical, emotional and mental level

  • How to approach especially female needs with your earth wisdom

  • Powerful self-care rituals that connect you with the Earth within and without

  • Shamanic Earth rituals and circle work

  • How to work with the themes of stability, grounding, abundance and steadiness

Guest Teachers


Pina Babic. Pina was introduced to Yoga and Taoist Arts when she was only a little girl. Growing up with holistic knowledge about the Cycle, Seasons, the Moon, Meridians, Organs and Superfoods allowed her to become a true Master Teacher in Yin Yoga, Taoism and Sacred Womanly Arts. Her knowledge is vast and comes from a place of reflection and decades of self-discovery. She will guide us into the sacred element of earth and what it means to feel and work with it in our bodies as women.


Olgaia Tri. Earth Medicine Keeper. Dancer. Olga will guide us into the depth of mother earth work for women. We will explore the drum. Kundalini Flamenco waves. Fertility dance. Earth prayers and the way of nourishing ourselves with oils and herbs to awaken our deep connection to Pacha Mama. We will receive a Womb Blessing ritual from her in the sacred circle of women.


Female yogic perspectives

We are working exclusively with women to empower them on their path to awakening. The theme of the element Earth will be approached through different techniques such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Ceremony and Ritual. Together we are entering a sacred space of being by calling in our connections with our roots, Mama Nature, our ancestors, our feelings and  intuitive wisdom.

It becomes a living wisdom - through each one of us.  


Moon Child_23.png

Our invitation. From us to you 

Nives_Earth Module.jpg
It is so healing to come back to Mother Earth. To find my female life rhythms in her cycles. From year to year. From season to season. I strongly believe that we as women have to do earth work. That we have to remember that we are the living image of Mother Earths beauty, abundance and fertility. She needs us in our true embodied spirit - deeply rooted into her. So we can rise together. For me coming back to Mother earth is the first step into a spiritual life as a woman.
Alexia Earth Module.jpg
Pachamama. Mama Earth is calling us home. The initiation into sacred womanhood starts with the cultivation of a deep connection with Mama Earth. It is there where we come from and it is also where we return to. We work with Earth rituals, seasons, cycles and nature to connect with not only the outer but also our individual inner nature. These are the roots and only by connecting to where we come from we can open our wings and learn to fly.


Our days together

We are going to spend 10 intensive days together. We will dive deep into Yoga spaces infused with a lot of meditation moments. In intimate women circles we will share ancient female wisdom on the element of earth and its magic in our lives. We will enjoy pure mother nature bliss in the magic Aurora Dom - a unique retreat center in the middle of the Carinthian woods. There we will get in touch with the ancient celtic wisdom deeply hidden in the whispering of mother earth and her elemental spirits. 

Example day

07:30 - 08:30 Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra
08:30 - 10:00 Yoga as Ritual
10:00 - Brunch
11:00 - 13:00 Theory
13:30 - 15:30 Yoga Labs
16:00 - 18:00 Sacred Dance, Ritual & Ceremony
18:15 Dinner

20:00 *on some days: Kirtan, Cacao Ceremony & Rituals after Dinner

Our place together

We will gather in a hidden retreat gem in the magic woods of Austria. The Aurora Dom is build by a small pond surrounded by the fresh, green and nourishing carinthian woods. The architecture of the retreat center is composed of sacred geometries and symbols that create a sacred space of healing. The Yogashala is constructed within the golden ratio  - it let's us enter high vibrational spaces where we can connect to spirit. In a deep and meaningful way. 



Immersion Details

This Earth Immersion counts as 100h of continuing education. There are 90 contact hours and approximately 10 hours of Self Study and Preparation. 
The Immersion is part of our five (elements) module program offered in English and held all over the world. You will be given a 100h Certification of Completion at the end of the course.

Prerequisites: This training is aimed at Yoga teachers who would like to advance their offerings and practitioners who would like to deepen their studies in Sacred Female Arts, Yoga & Shamanism.

5 - 14 April 2020

Self Investment: Early Bird €1350 (until Dec 1,2019) / Regular Price €1590

Room and Meals (by Pepper & Ginny /Vegan Food Vienna)  for 9 nights/ 10 days at beautiful Aurora

Single Room in Main House: €1080

Luxury Twin or Triple Chalet: €950