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It's time to rewrite HER story. So we can write a new story on womanhood.

The Wild Woman speaks with her own voice. Walks her path fiercely. Talks with grace and dignity. She dances to the rhythm of her own drum.
— Wild Woman Sisterhood

Shakti = creation, power, strength, divine female energy, Mother Earth

A lot has been forgotten. Veiled behind history, religious power plays and socially designed stereotypes that have been used to undermine what true female power is. During the last centuries of human history, HER story has rarely been told. Epoch after epoch man in power has been busy constructing shameful and deeply wounding stereotypes around female bodies, psyches and souls in order to suppress what a woman is and always will be by the nature of her creation. Holy. And powerful. In her everlasting beauty as the holy grail - bearer of the essence of creation.  

We are not here to blame or shame any system or any belief that has been created by patriarchal misuse of power. We are not here to talk about oppression and violence against women. We are not here to fight a war against men. We all know these stories - wearing them in our female subconscious mind.  Because the times of being "against something" are over. We are here to fight for a new global consciousness of women worldwide. So the deeply wounded female collective spirit can be healed. In Mother Earth. In Women. Children and Men. 

We believe that true change for this world has to come from inside. We can't keep on going to repair the visible world, if we do not take a look at what ideas and misbelieves we have around our own female imagery.  We can not change the outside happenings of a world gone crazy, if we do not look at our own inside patterns of feeling and thinking - because it is the inside that will always create reality on the outside. 

For us the true work of a spiritual woman is to find freedom within, so she can step out into the world and put her full heart and her very soul into creating something new. Not just for herself, but for all generations to come. 

We believe that as women we have to take a look at the tears of our soul. This is how we become our own healers and learn how to bloom like a lotus flower. Honoring the roots and all our subconscious fears and insecurities, we come to integrate the power of selflove with fierce grace.  

The time has come. To rise as sacred women. 
Women who know themselves in all their facets. 
Women who honor their bodies as temples of their souls.
Women who fight for what they truly believe in.
Women with values that lift others up.
Women who bow in front of each others beauty, because they have touched their own beauty by looking into the mirror of their souls.
Women who know that they do not have to worship god, because they are his very essence. 
Women who are lovingly kissing the soil of Mother Earth. Women who pray dancing under the moon, the sun and the stars. 

The time has come sister. For you. For us. For humankind. The future ist female. Let's rock it. In Sisterhood.

Together, we rise.




Journey with us. To your sacred female grail. Arrive in your power.

And your grace. 



Nives/ moonbeautyrituals

International Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Specialist, Author

Nives’ work with Yoga & the Moon is changing the world. She offers programs for women including Moon Rituals, Ayurveda Beauty Talks, Celtic Rituals and is the author of the brand-new book “Mondschön”. Her Yoga classes are empowering, packed with wisdom and just so good for the soul. Together with Alexia she leads SHAKTI ACADEMY, empowering women to step into their true light.

Let us bring back all that defines our innate female sacred power. We are the keepers of grace, beauty, wisdom. We are the holy grail through which the divine can manifest and play. Let’s move shakti like a snake and dance in beauty and love. Let’s rise. Sister. Together.

Alexia/ yogalexia

International Yoga Teacher, Wisdom Keeper, Spiritual Activist

Alexia’s love and dedication to Yoga is infectuous. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Meditation infused with Tantric Wisdom and lots of Bhakti in Vienna and internationally. Alexia’s work with women has become a big part of her core offering: She is the co-founder of SHAKTI ACADEMY, offers life-changing pilgrimages to India and supports sisterhood circles all around the world.

What a great time to be alive; To move, shake and create a new world from a deep longing of coming home. Connect with the Earth you are walking on, with the Waters that guide you, the Fire that burns away any fear, the Air you breathe and the space of infinitive possibilites. Sister, we are the ones we have been waiting for.
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Our world. Here. To inspire every cell of your sacred womanhood.