Shakti Camp

- A Magical Gathering in Sisterhood -

Avalon - Glastonbury August 19 - 23, 2020

@ Earth Spirit in Avalon

The time is ripe, sister. We are ready to share our knowledge and wisdom with you and rise in sisterhood.

This adventure will put your Shakti Soul on fire.



Shakti Camp is more than a Yoga Retreat. It is a Celebration of Womanhood. We invite you to come raw. As you are. With what you have. To explore what could become. These magical days together in Avalon will bring you back to the female essence of creation. To connect you with your innate goddess power. The source of all life. Because life is not about taking off into higher dimensions but about living it to the fullest with both feed on the ground. Serving the divine feminine inside you. For you and for all.

Enjoy 5 days of unlimited Shakti workshops, classes, rituals and talks.  

Shakti Camp begins with an Opening Circle on Aug 19 at 4pm. The Gathering closes with a circle on Aug 23 15 at noon.

*What is awaiting you*

*Mythic Flow Classes*

*Yin Yoga Release: Surrender to the Softness Within*

*Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practices*

* Tao Tantra: Sacred Feminine Practices*

*Goddess Wisdom on the myths of Avalon*

*Sound Healing*

*Womb Wisdom & Womanifestation*

*Mantra Bliss Singing Circles and Goddess Songs*

Yoga Dance & Soul Fire Activation*

*Women Circle & Healing Talks*

….and much more to be revealed with the schedule

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The Presenters

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Yoga Teacher, Healer, Wisdom Keeper

Alexia’s love and dedication to Yoga is infectuous. She is teaching Advanced Yoga inspired by Tantra and Bhakti in Vienna and internationally on Festivals, Workshops and Retreats. Alexia’s work with women has become part of her core offering: She is the co-founder of SHAKTI ACADEMY, runs yearly Teacher Trainings for women and offers life-changing pilgrimages to India. And she makes lots of raw chocolate, too.


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Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Specialist, Author

Nives’ work with Yoga & the Moon is changing the world. She offers programmes for women including Moon Rituals, Ayurveda Beauty Talks, Celtic Rituals and is the author of the brand-new book “Mondschön”. Her Yoga classes are empowering, packed with wisdom and just so good for the soul. Together with Alexia, she leads the SHAKTI ACADEMY, empowering women to step into their true light.


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Christi Christensen

Yoga Dance Teacher, Soul Fire Activator

Christi Christensen has more than 20 years of experience in Pilates, Yoga, Core Fusion, Sacred Movement Art and Kinesiology, which she blends into a magical Shakti tool to empower people around the world. Cristi’s glowing personality, deep wisdom and feminine power is expressed in her very authentic and deeply transformative teaching style.


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Emma aka SuzieQ
International Yoga & Dance Teacher, Pole Dancer, Acrobat, Author

Emma (also known by her stage name Suzie Q) is the 2017 Australian Pole Dance Champion and author of ‘The Stripper Next Door’. She is qualified in Purna, Rocket and Yin Yoga and also loves sharing the practice of Yoga Nidra. At Shakti Camp she will be leading a powerful meditation to unlock the power of your sacral chakra during her Art of Sensual Dance Workshop – raising movement and dance to the level of a spiritual art form. Becoming more comfortable within your body allows you to gather and manifest your own power and beauty from within.

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Pina Babic
Yin Yoga Teacher, Tao Wisdom Keeper


Pina has been on the path of Yoga since she was a little girl. Her strong Shakti intuitions allow her to hold space for powerful Yin Yoga Classes that are beyond relaxation & the fascia. Pina’s knowledge is vast and her offering a blend of the Go(o)ds that empowers every women to step into their own healing power.

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Holly Husler
Sound Healer

Holly’s yoga practice drew to the surface a deep desire to help people find conscious connection and their own inner teacher, leading her to train in sound healing and yoga teaching. In the sound sphere, Holly has had the pleasure to study with industry leaders Nestor Kornblum and Michelle Averard, as well as Alchemy crystal bowl specialists Carly Grace and Yantara Jiro.

Holly runs popular weekly sound journeys and vinyasa flow yoga classes at her self-built yoga community Soul Stretch, Brixton, at top studios across London, and across Europe at various wellbeing events. Holly’s passionate intention is to help lead the world back towards love and connection, through the power and unity of yoga, music and sound.


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Sister, we are woman, just like you. Looking for connection. Trying to follow our intuition. Hoping to find to the essence. And here we are, sharing all our knowledge to empower you on the path to becoming the strong, beautiful Goddess that you already are. Let’s laugh. Cry. Dance. Together, we rise.