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We work with women from various background based all over the world. They come as guest teachers and sisters into our Shakti Yoga Teacher Trainings, Immersions and Retreats. To tell their stories. To share their wisdom. To give their offerings and help you step into your own female power.

It is in the circle of women that we rise.

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Nives and Alexia. Founders & Creatrixes of Shakti Academy. Holding the love and the vision for Shakti Academy high while pouring all of their heart into it. You will find them teaching at any Shakti Academy training or immersion alongside some of the most recognized & inspiring female wisdom teachers worldwide.

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Anna Erb is one of our first Shakti graduates from the training in Vienna in 2018. She is our anatomy wisdom keeper and puts all her heart into the trainings assisting, holding space and supporting new trainees in the transformation process.

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Susanna Kubarth is keeper of the deep archetypical forces of Tarot and soul reading. She brings her beautiful spirit and deep wisdom into our Shakti Yoga Teacher Trainings and shows women their way through the important questions on life by using her intuitive knowledge.

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Sequoia is the wise wolf woman. Wild. Strong and full of Wisdom she teaches Nada, Sound and Pranyama during some of our Shakti Yoga Teacher Trainings. Her deep knowlegde of vedic traditions and her shamanic experiences in healing make her an essential part of our Shakti Team.

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Cristi Christensen is the fire angel in our Shakti Academy Team. Her power, blasting energy and positivity is truly contagious and changing the lives of many. Through Yoga & Dance techniques Cristi activates spaces, people and smiles all around the world.

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Suyana is the keeper of sacred sound and music in our Shakti Academy Team. She sings to the souls and is the channel for divine sound creations. We love to invite her, so women can find and free their voices and open up their hearts.

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Kirsty Ka is keeper of Earth Medicine and Sacred Songs. She carries the wisdom of ancient indigenous tribes in her soul, her blood and her heart. Sharing. Uplifting. Healing. Every time she enters into the space of Shakti Academy magic awakens and deep healing happens. For all of us.

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Anjuna Saran is a priestess of the light. She works with the mother goddess Isis and brings her light into our groups of women. Activating the womb space and connecting the women back to the source of the goddess.

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Pina Babic is our Taoist Healer Woman. Growing up with holistic knowledge about the Cycle, Seasons, the Moon, Meridians, Organs and Superfoods allowed her to become a true Master Teacher in Yin Yoga, Taoism and Sacred Womanly Arts.

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Priska Wikus is our Anatomy teacher and osteopath. She offers all her knowledge of the human body combined with true wisdom and a lot of experience leading her own private practice as well as teaching at the University of Vienna.

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Emma/Suzie Q is the sensual Goddess and movement artist in our Team. She is an international Yoga & Dance Teacher, Pole Dancer, Acrobat, Author. Her classes are creative, empowering & supporting women in finding their own expression beyond the Yoga mat.

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Olgaia Tri is an Earth Medicine Keeper. Dancer. She is deeply rooted into mother earths medicine. Dancing, Drumming and Singing for her. So that she may rise. Together with all of us.

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Our world. Here. To inspire every cell of your sacred womanhood.